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June 2008

Greg O'Connor's wikispace page - Keeping Up To Date With Assistive Technology Research

Dave Edyburn’s year in review series: What Have We Learned Lately? ([[|]]

MATN Online Readings and Research Overview

What do readings and research from leaders in the field of assistive technology have to say? What are the important evidence-based practices and ideas related to planning, implementing, and evaluating AT that can help you help all students succeed? The MATN Online website provides information about
  • Research studies on AT
  • Best practices for integrating AT in the classroom
  • Innovations in hardware and software that can help improve student performance and independence
  • Case studies of AT
Readings and research are reviewed in relation to the topics of AT Basics, Consider AT, Choose and Trial AT, Implement AT, Monitor Progress, and Case Studies.

Another interesting reading from Edyburn:
Edyburn, D. (2002). Remediation vs. compensation: A critical decision point in assistive technology consideration. Retrieved 4/6/06, from

The Journal of Technology, Learning and Assessment (JTLA)
Peer-reviewed, scholarly on-line journal addressing the intersection of computer-based technology, learning, and assessment.

Using AT: Is it working
In an article dated 2005 Bausch and Hasselbring present new research on the status of assistive technology in American schools and implications for the future.

July 2008

Exploring assistive technology software and web sites for promoting independence in school and helping students meet their educational goals

Colleen Renie has put together a great list of resources under the following headings. This resource includes web links to relevant research on each topic.

  • Models of Evidence-based Decision Making Tools
  • Training Tools
  • Writing
  • Computer Access and typing
  • Speech –to-Text
  • Computer with word processing software
  • Software for organizing and writing
  • Reading, Studying
  • Electronic Books/e-text
  • Portable Ereaders
  • Other Literacy Support
  • Video Modeling Software
  • Curriculum Software
  • Math
  • Calculators
  • Productivity / Homework Support
  • Vocation/Transition
  • Other classroom supports
  • Assistive Technology Assessment, planning and implementation
  • Industry Supports